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The financial requirements for a gym franchise with Workout Anytime are straightforward and meeting them will help to get your business started strong.

Interested in joining Workout Anytime? We are one of the fastest-growing health club franchises in the industry with 170+ locations open and many under development in 21 states. Owning a Workout Anytime franchise requires an individual or partnership to meet certain financial requirements. Please review the information below, where we have attempted to illustrate the key points of these requirements. As always, please contact us directly to answer any finance questions.

What funds are required?

When you open a Workout Anytime franchise, we require you to have $200k of liquid capital, and a net worth of at least $500k. In our experience, franchise-partners who have this level of available capital are eligible for additional financing.  

Opening Your First Workout Anytime

Per our Franchise Disclosure Document FDD, franchise-partners can expect to make a total investment of approximately $698,850-$1,262,550. The exact amount you’ll invest depends on a number of factors including the location and size of the gym.

What are the size requirements for a Workout Anytime?

Our locations range from 5,000 to 12,000 square feet. Our sweet spot is 7,500 square feet with at least 40 parking spots available.

Does Workout Anytime assist in the construction and layout of my club?

Once a site has been negotiated, approved and executed you will begin working with our construction team. You will be asked to provide a CAD / PDF of your location. Upon receipt, our team will provide a comprehensive floor plan and equipment layout as well as an interior and exterior branding package.  

How much is construction and build out?

While costs can vary from market to market, most of our owners see total costs between $45-$55 per square foot.

Does Workout Anytime offer financing?

Each franchisee is responsible to secure their own financing. We do have solid relationships with preferred lenders that many of our franchisees use, however, if you have a relationship with a lender you are welcome to work with them. 

What are the monthly royalties?

6% on monthly gross sales.

Do you have an App?

Yes! The Workout Anytime App provides a complete virtual club for all Workout Anytime Members and staff. It is a one stop location for all member needs and provides each member with a complete wellness programming solution for in- club and at-home exercise, nutrition, and stress management solutions. App is integrated with Google Health and Apple Fit and associated devices such as Fitbit and apple watch can easily be integrated so that data from these platforms and devices is integrated into the app to provide a once stop location for all member workouts, programs, nutrition and more.

How are clubs kept super clean, safe and sanitized?

We require franchisees to have an AirPHX unit in their club. AirPHX is a one-of-a-kind continuous air and surface sanitizing system. AirPHX generates “cold plasma” including hydrogen peroxide and two other organic oxidizing agents which are harmless to humans but destroy all known microbial infections including COVID-19, flu, cold viruses, bacteria, norovirus, athletes foot fungus & MRSA.These cold plasma agents destroy all microbials in the air and on all surfaces, and one unit can effectively sanitize up to 150,000 cubic feet of space. The technology has been validated with extensive third-party lab testing of air and surfaces pre and post AirPHX and proven to eliminate up 99% of microbials in air and surfaces within 30 minutes of use in a facility. Learn about AirPHX.

For information about the financial requirements for a gym franchise, contact us today!

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