Discover the golden opportunity to shape a healthier, more vibrant community by opening a  Workout Anytime fitness franchise in Arizona. In the heart of the Grand Canyon State, where the desert meets the sky, the demand for quality fitness solutions has never been higher. The unique climate and active lifestyle culture create the perfect backdrop for a thriving gym franchise in Arizona. And now, with limited spaces available, this is your chance to open an Arizona gym franchise and celebrate vitality and wellness.

Choosing to invest in a fitness center or gym franchise is a significant decision, but it’s made easier when you have a partner like Workout Anytime. Our founder, Steve Strickland, didn’t just see a business opportunity; he saw a mission to transform lives. This vision extends beyond our members to you, our franchise owners. We believe that the success of our franchisees is our success, and it starts with our carefully designed club layout and our meticulous attention to every detail that impacts your business.

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Embrace Success With Workout
Anytime Franchising

“As a business owner, you have the opportunity to change lives, impact the community, and make a really good living in an industry that is thriving.”
– Steve Strickland, CEO

Open the door to your entrepreneurial aspirations with a Workout Anytime gym franchise. Our streamlined process and proven business model allow you to smoothly transition into the field of high-value, low-cost fitness centers—a sector witnessing exceptional growth within the franchising landscape. With available territories from coast to coast and in key global markets, the potential for your expansion is limitless.

Why Partner with Workout Anytime


By aligning with Workout Anytime as a Franchise Partner, you’re stepping into a professional community bound by a shared mission and values. Our mission, “To provide a friendly, convenient, life-changing journey with passion,” and our vision, “To reshape the fitness community where everybody aspires to be the best they can be,” guide us in our commitment to enhancing the quality of life through fitness and health.

Core Values

We adhere to our core values—attitude, care, and excellence (ACE)—to offer affordable fitness solutions with high-quality equipment accessible anytime. This commitment ensures fitness fits seamlessly into your life, removing barriers to success and focusing on results. Beyond providing a transformative service, joining Workout Anytime opens the door to significant income potential. Many of our club owners are proud members of the Million Dollar Club, a testament to the lucrative opportunities our franchise model offers.


We foster a positive culture filled with confidence and enthusiasm, always doing the right thing for our members, partners, and staff, while ensuring a welcoming and respectful environment that values each individual’s journey. Our dedication to the success of our members and partners is unwavering, backed by the expertise and dedication of our team.


As part of our tight-knit community, you’ll receive continuous support and guidance, becoming integral to elevating the Workout Anytime brand. This journey doesn’t just offer the potential for success as a single gym franchise owner but opens up the possibility for becoming a successful multi-gym franchise owner with us.

Discover The Workout Anytime Difference

By becoming a part of the Workout Anytime family, you step into a community that values the prosperity and well-being of each franchisee. Our commitment to your growth is unwavering, with a franchise support center that provides unparalleled guidance to ensure your venture thrives in Arizona’s dynamic market. 

Embrace the opportunity to generate multiple income streams through personal training, membership fees, and more, all while enjoying the freedom to manage your business with flexibility. The Arizona climate is ideal for year-round fitness, and the state’s residents are eager for accessible, high-quality gym facilities where they can pursue their health goals.

Workout Anytime is more than a gym franchise in Arizona; it’s a chance to make a meaningful impact in the community, helping members achieve their fitness aspirations. With limited opportunities available, now is the time to join our growing family and make your mark with a fitness franchise in Arizona. Let’s bring the transformative power of Workout Anytime to every corner of the state, fostering a community of health, strength, and well-being under the Arizona sun.

Why Partner with Workout Anytime


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Discovery Adventure

Join us for a Discovery Day at our Franchise Support Center. You'll meet our amazing Support Team and tour nearby Workout Anytime locations.
A lot of competitors in the industry look at Discovery Day as a sales event, but at Workout Anytime it is not. It’s an event for both parties - we get learn more about your story and you get to learn more about the Workout Anytime brand. We understand that not everyone is cut out for this - and this is a good opportunity to ask questions and see the brand in action.


Hear from the Network

We will encourage you to connect with our current Franchise Partners. They're eager to share their experiences and welcome you into the Workout Anytime family.


Let's Make It Official!

Congratulations! It's time to sign your franchise agreement and officially become part of the Workout Anytime family. We're thrilled to welcome you to our family!

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