3 Tips to Finding the Perfect Site Location for Your Franchise


The right location is imperative for your gym franchise. There are a lot of factors that go into site selection, but it helps to know that there is someone there behind you who can help you find the right one for your new business venture. When you invest in a Workout Anytime franchise, you are investing in unwavering support to help you find a location for your franchise, within your territory, that gives you the greatest likelihood for success. We have a couple tricks up our sleeves to finding the perfect location for a gym franchise. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the qualities we consider.

location for your gym franchise

Tips for Finding the Right Location for Your Gym Franchise

It Has to Be the Right Size

If you decide to invest in a gym franchise, you need a place that has enough space for gym equipment and areas dedicated to other fitness activities. However, at Workout Anytime, we’re able to keep our size requirements flexible because we focus on the basics – this helps keep our rates low as well! We pride ourselves on the customer experience we create with our franchises, and part of that is making sure that they have enough space to work out and enough equipment to work with. Another part of this conducting demographic research of your territory to determine how many gym members you can expect to have. By doing this, you can more accurately determine the size your new gym franchise should be.

It Needs to Have the Right Neighbors

The location for your gym franchise is most likely going to be in some sort of plaza or shopping center, surrounded by other stores. Obviously, opening too close to another fitness center or gym could be risky, but there are other stores you may want to be weary of when you are searching for the right location. The Club Industry wrote that you want the right type of retailers surrounding your business. These could include athletic apparel stores, vitamin shops, or even grocery stores. These shops inspire people to join a gym and get active, and attract demographics you need to target. Having the right neighbors can help your business, because everything your target market needs is right in one convenient area.

It Should Not Break the Bank

You are searching for this location before you can open your does and begin making money. This means you want to be aware of how much the rent is at a particular location. You want to see a return on investment as quickly as possible, so you don’t want to burden yourself with a high rent. We can help you with site selection and we have even helped several franchisees negotiate their leases. Together, we can find the best possible price that fits your budget within the initial investment.

Finding the right location for your gym franchise may sound like a daunting task, but with the right assistance, you’ll be able to find the right place quickly and get your new gym franchise up and running. We want to make sure our franchisees have all the knowledge they need to get started, so we help them to thoroughly research our franchise opportunity before they sign the franchise disclosure document and pay the franchise fee.

If you are looking for more information about finding the right location for your gym franchise, contact us today!

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