3 Skills We Look for in Potential Franchisees


Fitness franchises like Workout Anytime are becoming more popular. Americans are in the middle of a health crisis, and they’re happy to spend money to find the right solutions. Workout Anytime stands out among fitness franchises because of the competitive pricing and convenience we offer our customers. Those services, in turn, help our franchisees go into business for themselves, building new careers in the fitness industry. Many of our prospective franchisees wonder if they have the skills they’ll need to start a gym franchise. Running Workout Anytime fitness franchises doesn’t require any experience in the health and wellness industry. There are a number of qualities we look for in our franchisees that could be acquired from any number of professional backgrounds. Let’s take a closer look at a few of these valuable skills below.

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Skills Business Owners Need to Open Fitness Franchises

#1. Good with People

When you invest in a Workout Anytime franchise, you’ll enjoy considerably more freedom than many corporate employees have. You can decide what tasks you’d like to manage yourself, and what you’d like to delegate to your trusted staff. As the owner of your franchise, it’s important that you have good people skills in order to get the best performance out of your team. Understanding how to motivate employees can help your business run properly when you’re not around. Good people skills also come in handy when you’re on-site interacting with your members. Keeping them happy and engaged in your gym is a great way to ensure they’ll stick around!

#2. An Interest in Business

Fitness franchises are different from many corporate jobs in that you’ll have ownership and authority in deciding how to manage your profits. The more your business earns, the higher your take-home pay will be! Therefore, it’s important that our franchisees are invested in growing their business and going “above and beyond” to keep it going strong. Workout Anytime has developed a comprehensive training program designed to teach you the ins and outs of running one of our fitness franchises, but it’s up to you to implement it effectively.

#3. Organizational Skills

One of the best parts of owning a franchise is that you can delegate many tasks to your staff. However, as with any business, running a Workout Anytime gym requires good attention to detail. Making sure your tax and payroll information is filed correctly, keeping your equipment well-maintained, and managing employee schedules are just a few examples of tasks that require good organizational skills. If you feel competent to perform or oversee tasks like these, you might just be a good fit to run one of our fitness franchises.

These are just a few of the skills we look for in potential franchisees. Contact us today to tell us more about yourself and your experience, and to learn if you’re a good fit to operate one of our fitness franchises!

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